100 Limited Edition Oils La Meridiana Farm Lake Garda Italy

100 Limited Edition


Il classico



Starting from fresh hand-picked olives, defoliated and washed before milling,
we obtain an extra virgin olive oil with an exceptional finesse, light fruity flavor and a hint of hazelnut.








OLIO: 100 Limited Edition

AREA OF PRODUCTION: Puegnago d/Garda Valtenesi 

CULTIVAR: 80% Casaliva, 10% Leccino, 10% Favolosa

HARVEST AND PRODUCTION: Between the end of October and the first half of November

PRODUCTION METHOD: The oil is extracted through non-stop cycle machines at a temperature of 23° degrees
TOTAL ACIDITY: from very fresh and perfect olives we obtain an oil with particularly low acidity (0,1%/0,2%)

COLOUR: soft yellow-green

BOUQUET: fine fragrances of meadow herbs and almond

FLAVOUR: sweet, with notes of ripe tomato, field herbs and olive